Fender 0115120345 American Performer Tele Hum

Price: $1,349.99
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The Corona, CA crafted American Performer Telecaster Humbucker combines exceptional Fender humbucking tone and authentic feel with tone technologies and player-oriented features designed to inspire. The American Performer Telecaster Hum includes the Yosemite single-coil pickup--designed for rich, expressive tone--and a DoubleTap humbucking neck pickup. This unique, patent-applied-for design combines humbucking and single-coil voices, while eliminating volume loss in single-coil mode. With flat-staggered pole pieces to increase output and wax pottings that let the coils breathe while controlling feedback, Yosemite pickups produce dynamic sounds ideal for any musical situation. The American Performer Telecaster Hum also features Greasebucket tone circuitry to shape the highs without adding bass, preserving your sound. The "Modern C"-shaped neck sports a 9.5"-radius fingerboard that's comfortable for almost any playing style, along with 22 jumbo frets for effortless and accurate bending.

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